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download plant in cute, rainbow pot

Base by Around the Sims

Spring Flowers

Download: 1 | 2

Base by Turbo

Black Roses, for when you feel Gothic

Base by Around the Sims

Download: Orange | Light Pot | Dark Pot | Daisy

Roses | Plant 1 | Plant 2 | Plant 3

Base by Sandy at Around the Sims, works on all surfaces! :)

Cloned from a sculpture, no EP or watering necessary

Download Cypress Topiary

Download: roses | tropical | shrub | fern |

Objects made with one or more of the following: Transmogrifier, Graphic Converter , Paint Shop Pro, Appleworks, Microsoft Paint, IFF Pencil 2.

All lots have been tested and work in my game, which runs The Sims Deluxe Edition, Hot Date, Vacation, and Unleashed.