Our First Original Theme!!


Download: work table (cloned from a desk) | stack of paint cans-HD | key rack

recycle bin (cloned from trash) | cardboard box | box stack

Created especially for this theme, a garage window

(cloned from Maxis privacy window)

download window

Other versions of this window can be found on the Windows page.

And lets not forget the garage door:

This is actually just 3 different walls. Download the brown walls here.

For either a blue or a red version of these walls (plus matching roof),

visit the Exterior Walls page

Objects made with one or more of the following: Transmogrifier, Graphic Converter , Paint Shop Pro, Appleworks, Microsoft Paint, IFF Pencil 2.

All objects have been tested and work in my game, which runs The Sims Deluxe Edition, Hot Date, Vacation, and Unleashed.