please note that this is a very graphic intensive page


Farmer's Market

Here it is, our first Old Town theme, a Farmer's Market for all your green minded sims. This has been a work in progress for a long time, inspired by a simple box of persimmons made by Koromo of Persimmon Grove. To view and download the lot as seen in the screenshots, please visit the Lots page.

An entryway for your market, base by Parsimonious.

download entry

Some crates full of produce, cloned from a fire hydrant, REQUIRES HOT DATE:

download: tomatoes | green beans | mushrooms | cabbage*

*Cabbage graphic thanks to clutterboxes at Simblesse Oblige Forum.

download vegetable cart (requires Unleashed)

Some decorative produce, cloned from the Maxis Teddy Bear (Requires Hot Date)

Apple & grape graphic thanks to the DIY section of Secret Society of Woobsha.

download: red apples | green apples | grapes | lettuce | tomatoes

download pumpkin stack Requires Hot Date

Download Seed Display--Requires Unleashed

Objects made with one or more of the following: Transmogrifier, Graphic Converter , Paint Shop Pro, Appleworks, Microsoft Paint, IFF Pencil 2.

All objects have been tested and work in my game, which runs The Sims Deluxe Edition, HotDate, Superstar, Vacation, and Unleashed.