Swag Curtains - (transparent from back)

download: maroon | purple | green | blue

aqua | lemon | lime

Cafe Curtains!

Perfect for your trendy kitchen or hometown diner, these curtains hang on the bottom half of the window only. Please note that these were designed with the Maxis storm window in mind & will not work as well with other windows. Cloned from a painting and requires only The Sims to use.

This is an original object.

There are both backless and normal versions available.

Download: light blue pattern | country blue pattern | pink pattern |

Download:lavender pattern | peach pattern | yellow pattern |

Base available on Bases page, please abide by our Cloning policy

Download backless: light blue pattern | country blue pattern | pink pattern |

Download backless: lavender pattern | peach pattern | yellow pattern |

Base available on Bases page, please abide by our Cloning policy

These are only available with backs:

download: blue | purple | orange | red

download: peachy | minty | tealy | bluey | pinky yellowy

Sheer Cafe Curtains!

This version of the Ess Sims Cafe Curtains is sheer and semi-transparent.

Available in both backless and normal versions.

Download: yellow | cream | blue | pink | white (base) available on the Bases page

Download backless: yellow | cream | blue | pink | white (base) available on the Bases page

Ess Sims Original Curtains!

Although this curtain is based on the Unleashed French Lace curtain, you don't need Unleashed to use it. You do, however, need Living Large because I used one of its tapestries as a base. When creating this object, I was basing it around the plate glass window that comes with the basic game, but it seems to work OK with the other windows as well. User made windows tend to bleed through these curtains, so I can't advise that.

You can download a white base of the curtain on the Bases page.

9/19/2005 Note: I am aware that this curtain tends to bleed through to the second floor. I have since tweaked it to minimize this problem, but it still exists. I have not updated all the files to fix this, but any curtains uploaded as of this date and later will be fixed, and a fixed version of the base has been uploaded. Sorry for the inconvience. You are free to move the position of the curtains in Transmogrifier if you so desire..

download: blue stars | green pattern | red pattern

Living Large Required

download: yellow | tan pattern | two-tone taupe | two-tone blue

Living Large Required

download jewel tones: green | blue | purple | red

Living Large Required

download pastels: blue | aqua | pink | peach | yellow

Living Large Required

download 70's Style: green | rust

Ess Sims Original Drapes!

Based on the Ess Sims Original Curtain (above), these require Living Large and work best with the Maxis plate glass window. They are basically the same curtain but with a co-ordinated sheer panel behind. Note, these are not backless.

Download the base on the Bases page,thank-you for abiding by our cloning policy.

requires Living Large

download: royal blue | melon | mint | pink | blue w/cream sheer panel

Download: with aqua panel | with purple panel | with baby blue panel panel | with lime panel |

Download Art Deco Drapes: green | brown | purple | rose | blue

Download: mint | green and navy | sky blue | sunny yellow | light yellow | purple 1 | purple 2

Download: funky blue | rainbow | fuscia and green | rose

Recolors of the Maxis' Unleashed Curtain.

Since these are Maxis made, they will corner properly and act just like the white version.

Unleashed Required


to download the curtains, go to the Ess Sims eGroup


Base objects by Maxis and Ess Sims.

Objects made with one or more of the following: Transmogrifier, Graphic Converter , Paint Shop Pro, Appleworks, Microsoft Paint, IFF Pencil 2.

Paintings made with Transmogrifier, SimsPaintShop, Microsoft Paint, Appleworks, and Graphic Converter.

All objects have been tested and work in my game, which runs The Sims Deluxe Edition, Hot Date, Vacation, and Unleashed.