Objects for Downtown, Old Town, Studio Town, etc.

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Street Signs

Download: No Parking | Diabled Parking | Ped Xing

All require Hot Date

Commercial Signage

Download: Emergengy Exit | No Trespassing

Download: No Credit Cards | No Refunds(black) | No Refunds(red) |

Download: Employee Entrance | No Parking

Base by

Transit Maps

Download: Left | Right

Backless, both require Hot Date

Vintage Shop Signs and Adverts

All require Hot Date

Download: Peanuts | HotDogs | Soup | Oranges

Daddies Sauce | Regenerateur | Palmolive | Brylcreem | Seafood

Standing Sign - Grapes | Standing Sign - Open/Thank-You

"Star Coffee" Cafe Set

Download:Awning* | Poster 1** | Poster 2** | Wall | Roof

*Cloned from a painting, backless, will not corner

**Base by Piggis Sims

Italian Bistro Pieces

Download: Sign* | Candle** | Table*** |

*Credits: Made by Beverly (simstuff@shaw.ca). Original graphics by Maxis. BASE: Mhari @ Livin-It-Up.net

**Bottle graphic courtesy of the Simblesse Oblige Clutterboxes

***Requires Unleashed

Objects made with one or more of the following: Transmogrifier, Graphic Converter , Paint Shop Pro, Appleworks, Microsoft Paint, IFF Pencil 2.

All objects have been tested and work in my game, which runs The Sims Deluxe Edition, Hot Date, Vacation, and Unleashed.