Unleashed Column Recolors


download: cream | maroon | aqua | gold |

Transparent Columns

I'm not sure of the usefulness of these columns, but they look cool & were fun to create. Perhaps they would do well in a high-tech disco, or an all glass house? Want to make your own? Bases are available on the Bases page.


download hexagonal columns: aqua | blue | gray | brown | red | light blue

download round columns: aqua | blue | light blue | white

download square columns: aqua | blue | green/gray | light blue

download short small square columns: aqua | blue | light blue | green/gray

Objects made with one or more of the following: Transmogrifier, Graphic Converter , Paint Shop Pro, Appleworks, Microsoft Paint, IFF Pencil 2.

All objects have been tested and work in my game, which runs The Sims Deluxe Edition, Hot Date, Vacation, and Unleashed.